Olympic Lodge #37
Established in 1955


Everyone is welcome! Folks with an interest in Scandinavian history and culture are encouraged to visit us. Although we are a membership organization we offer activities for members and non-members alike.

Sunday night dancing!

6:30 pm at the lodge. Beginners are welcome. $5 donation is requested.

Upcoming Events at Seattle's National Nordic Museum

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Both virtual and in-person events sponsored by the National Nordic Museum are featured on this event calendar. Registration for events can be made online using this calendar. Non-members of the museum are welcome.

Lefse making

Lefse making will be held at the Lodge on the following Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 10 am. Preparing the potatoes takes place on Tuesdays and rolling and cooking the lefse is the following Wednesday. Novices and non-members are welcome.

July 23rd and 24th
August 13th and 14th

Rent our hall

This site's Rental Page is being updated. In the meantime please use this number to inquire about hall rentals- 564-215-1680.

To check for available dates scroll to the bottom of the Rental page to view the calendar.

Upcoming meetings

The June membership meeting will be held at the lodge Monday June 10th at 7pm. Our program will be the movie "Utlaginn," the saga of Gisli. Icelandic in origin, but still Viking in lifestyle: this film is intriguing for the setting, the housing, and the lifestyle in areas of low population and replete with Nordic customs and mindset. Please be aware that there are about three seconds of nudity. Otherwise we learn about what life could be like in the long, long ago. You will remember this film!

Podcasts! Sponsored by the University of Washington Scandinavian Studies Department

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Crossing North is a monthly podcast about Nordic and Baltic society and culture. Episodes feature interviews with authors, performers, and leaders from Scandinavia and the Baltic, as well as discussions with faculty in the Scandinavian Studies Department and Baltic Studies Program. Crossing North is produced and hosted by Colin Gioia Connors.

Past podcasts are available on the website for listening.