Join Us

ANYONE can join the "Sons" of Norway: men, women, and children. Our title "Sons of Norway" is gender inclusive. People of ANY ethnicity are welcome. An interest in Nordic heritage and culture is the only prerequisite.

Olympic Lodge Membership has many benefits, including:

  • Our monthly newsletter ("Brevet") and annual lodge directory.
  • A monthly subscription to the beautiful Viking magazine, with features covering a wide range of topics including travel, history, current events, recipes, sports, art and music, educational opportunities through the United States and Norway, recreation, special museum offerings, financial planning and much more
  • Access to the national Sons of Norway financial products
  • A wide variety of cultural information including free access to audio language lessons, the Cultural Skills Program, and traditional recipes, to name a few
  • Comprehensive travel benefits and opportunities
  • Opportunities for involvement in community service and philanthropy projects including our scholarship program and other volunteer efforts
  • A chance to make new friends in our lodge as well as an opportunity to enjoy the fellowship of other local organizations including, in the case of Port Angeles, our good friends from the Sons of Italy!
  • Access to regional recreational sites such as Trollhaugen, a beautiful camp located in the foothills of the Cascades.